I’ve been a Radio Personality for many years in upstate NY and now in central Florida and have been hosting wedding receptions and parties for almost as many… one of the first in the country!

I started learning the skills and techniques I use to “keep the dance floor busy” playing at high school dances all over and when DJs became more and more accepted at local wedding receptions, I really became a pioneer in what soon became a wedding craze!

make me one of the truest professional DJs and it was never just a part-time weekend job. I live and breathe music and entertaining and my quick thinking at live events has saved many from sinking when someone less experienced might panic. This is where many years of experience really pay off!

I bring to every event a collection of digital music from the 40s through today and requests are not a problem. My main concern is “can you dance to it?” ’cause long after dinner is over and the formalities are done, it’s the electricity of the party that caps off your special day! And the last thing you need is someone inexperienced who’s going to play that one song that totally kills the mood. Doesn’t your party deserve the benefit of such experience??